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Based on the story and the principals of Anastasia, and the Ringing Cedars Of Russia



Welcome to a destination for those who are
awakening to ancient memories...

Yes, the world has gone awry, and you are not alone in seeing that.

But with the realization of just how wrong things are, there is
a dawning age of things that are perfectly right.

Welcome to the NEW Planet Earth, the NEW ideas, and the NEW way of life ...
a life of love, co-creation, and harmony, as taught by and exemplified in
the life of Anastasia, as told in the stories of The Ringing Cedars.


April 4th, 2011

The Story Of Lemon Tree, The “Know” Of The World: Proof Our Space Of Love And Co-Creation Protects Us From
Genetic Engineering Manipulation In Crops And Chemtrails In The Skies

Something has been heavy on my heart to share with everyone for quite a while now. Even though my original
intention was always to write the full story about this, I know it is much too important to hold back, seeing
as how time seems to be “flying by” so quickly, and events are changing at break-neck speed. Bear in mind you
will not have the benefit of the entire account of how this knowledge came about. That story is for another day.
I will try to make the introduction to this information as succinct as possible, for now.

It is evident that Anastasia does not get involved in relating the facts about what is going on in the world
… things that we may see and be aware of, but are not addressed in the Ringing Cedars books. We personally have come
full circle to understand (as relayed in our last Vedruss Guide post, below this one) that it was always in her plan to focus
instead on the solution to these problems, in order to prevent them. Things like genetic engineering (or GMO,
Genetically Modified Organisms, which
harms the genetics of the plants and makes them less than perfect, creating the same effect in humans when we
eat them) and chemtrails (which disturbs the metabolism of plants causing a slow death, over a period of
years, disabling their reproductive capacity) are indeed part of the life we live today. One only needs to
look up in the sky to discover the trails of death which are sprayed everywhere in the world. One only needs
to try to purposely find plant seeds which are not genetically modified, and to obtain food which is not
tampered with genetically, to be faced with the sad truth that the dark forces have played a hand in all of
it, and are continuing to do so, even more, every day.

But Anastasia’s dream is coming true. And she did not have to explain the existing problem to Vladimir, to
the first domain dwellers, or to anyone. She knew full well what the dark forces were up to, she knew
completely what their plans were. In her fast thinking, she thought ahead in the future to see the solution
of the problem, and then set about inspiring us all to follow her lead. The readers of the Ringing Cedars do
not even need to know, or acknowledge the “negative” issues, and her inspiration to create spaces of love
will take care of the problem anyway. But for those of us who do see what is going on and may be discouraged
by it, for those of us who realize what is going on and came to the Vedruss Guide in hopes of finding others
who also see the plan of the dark forces unfolding, but who know Anastasia’s dream of the Earth covered with
Spaces Of Love and domain villages, we see the Space Of Love as a viable solution, and know it is.

The secret is – we now have proof that it is. With no proof, we would have done what we would have done
anyway. Personally, Ron and I still would have sold all we had and moved to a place in which we felt we
could have the ability to find our land and create our own Space Of Love. Why? Because we caught the
vision. But then, as I will reveal in The Story Of Lemon Tree, The “Know” Of The World, we knew that the dark
forces were no match for the inspiration of Anastasia, and for the knowledge she shared and taught us about
how to co-create. We discovered proof.

Some may take at face value the fact that domains will cover the whole Earth someday (and we think it will be
very soon!), and some may simply be inspired to live a better way of life and be able to extricate themselves
from this world’s matrix and make the changes they feel are necessary for them to live a Ringing Cedars
lifestyle. These people may find this change somewhat easy.

But some will be discouraged by the fact that genetic engineering, specifically genetically modified
organisms, are in most of the seeds, the plants and the food we now buy. And some will get discouraged when
they look up in the sky and see the lines which are coming out of the planes which fly above, the lines which
become toxic clouds, and dim the bright sunshine. The toxic cloud which forms is now in the newspapers
(today’s issue, read about this Associated Press article in any newspaper, or look online for
“GeoEngineering”) and the puppeteers are now blatantly exclaiming how they seek to block the suns rays to
block the “global warming”, the myth they have spread to blind the eyes of those who are not already keen to
their devious plans to kill all plants except GMO plants. Some who are aware of all of this may get
discouraged. No need. Anastasia’s fast thinking put the problem “to bed” before it even got a foothold.
All of the readers who are our brothers and sisters who are actively doing what they have to do to create
their Space Of Love – whether they realize the problems the dark forces are perpetrating or not – are helping
us all to eliminate the plans of the dark forces. Thank you Anastasia for inspiring us all so long
ago to create our Space Of Love, to give us time to get started!!

Here’s why YOU do not need to be discouraged, and why you DO need to get busy drawing your Space Of Love,
creating your list of how to accomplish getting rid of the things which bind you to this world’s illusion and
matrix… and most of all, planting at least one vegetable seed or flower you talk to and communicate with, this year. You may see the
effects and results of the dark forces hand on the skies in the chemtrails, and in the newspapers which
report the issues with corporate agriculture (those companies which promote genetic engineering), but there
is no need to let those things bring you down. Anastasia gave us all the solution, and inspired us to help
her create the dream she has and prevent them from getting the upper hand, even if we don’t know that
we’re actively doing that.

Here’s why a Space Of Love is the solution:

Lemon Tree was a genetically modified plant which came in the mail (we ordered her about three or four years
ago, in our exuberation while first reading about Anastasia), but we did not know she was a GMO plant. The
first clue was the tag on her which read “Improved”. Bull $#&^, genetic engineering is not an improvement – at
least not with the limited understanding this race of human hybrids has. (OH-Kaaay, yet another story for
another time!) After reading her tag, I knew she was indeed GMO, and in my stupidity at the time, I wanted to throw her
away in the garbage. My husband Ron and I had quite a disagreement, as he did not want me to throw her away,
he wanted to give her away to someone who would not care if she were GMO. I did not feel I wanted to give
away what I considered to be poison. We had words, and finally we decided to get her “scanned”.

Following is the quick summary of the loooong story which I do not have time or space to tell about here, and which I wanted to
save for another VG update and tell the complete story.  I realized, I can’t, and it is going to have to be
put into a book. But I will recount a small part, condensed, of what ensued, here.
First, a little background information.

The scanning is done with a computer, and reads the “energy” coming from whatever is scanned. It is called
Harmonic Translation, and is a computer based bio-energy scan. People can be scanned, plants, animals, soil,
rocks, foods, actually anything … and the resulting reading gives information about the item scanned,
depending on what it was being scanned for. I used this “scanning” years ago to determine what was going on
in my body and eliminate multiple sclerosis. We now use this scan in a holistic practice here in our town.
(You can find information about this at .)

I did not have the equipment to do this at the time Lemon Tree arrived, so I brought her, at Ron’s request,
to the woman who was doing my own personal scanning for me. We checked Lemon for genetic engineering,
pesticides, chemicals, etc. and found high levels of it all. I brought her home and promptly threw her in
the garbage. Up-ended her, smashing her in with the other garbage, and twisting the pot in my hands before I
closed the garbage can lid. I was angry at the fact it (the genetic engineering) was not being openly
revealed by the nursery company we purchased from, in their catalog. Then I set about washing dishes.

About ten minutes later, my husband came storming in the house, racing as fast as he could. “WHERE’S MY
PLANT!!??” What plant? Which plant is your plant? We had lots of plants delivered, which plant do you mean?
“SHE’s CRYING!! WHERE IS SHE??” He raced through the house, looking for Lemon Tree. I told him she was in
the garbage. Her scan revealed, as I suspected, she was indeed genetically engineered, or GMO as we call it.

WELL. He pulled her out of the garbage, tears in is eyes, and proceeded to verbally lace into me like I’d
never experienced from him before. His voice ... usually deep and steady ... was shrill. “How could you do this??
Would you do this to a person who was handicapped? She didn’t ask for this … she doesn’t know
what is happening to her, it’s not her fault! Now you APOLOGIZE and take care of her!!!” And LOTS more choice words.

Okaaaay. I will. And, he left me in the kitchen, with a squashed Lemon Tree he had pulled out of the
garbage, with instructions to apologize to that plant and take care of it. He was not the kind of
person who talked to plants, and neither was I. (Remember, at that point, we had just begun to read about
Anastasia and learn about co-creating.) But I found myself with what sounded like a divorce threat,
and a plant in the kitchen to nurse back to health.

Soooo, I did. Gaining my composure after that episode, I began to talk to the plant.
After a few days, I grew accustomed to her and looked forward
to my time talking to her and working with her. As time went on, I decided to continue to get her scanned
and see how she was doing – after all, she was definitely looking much better.

Here is where the story will have to be fast forwarded a bit. What followed was weeks of talking to and taking
care of Lemon Tree, with successive scans showing that the genetic engineering was diminishing and she was
returning to normal, becoming the plant she was meant to be. The scanning program had special software that
allowed the communication of the plant to “speak” to humans, through the readings. She was, at first, indeed
confused, and wanted to “understand crying” (her words, not mine). How did Ron know she was crying!? She was! She communicated
that she wanted to understand her purpose. Whoa. What a tremendous insight.

As time went on, and both Ron and I talked with her, felt emotions in our heart
for her, and took care of her, she blossomed – literally.
Her scan at that time indicated she was happy to have “the energy of spring”, and she showed it by her
babies! She made lemons for us, and to honor her, we ate them. We told her what her purpose was (we were
continuing to read the Ringing Cedars books, actually probably had finished them for the first time by then
and was reading them the second time, and knew so much more then, to tell her! ) and we told her that we
knew how special she was. We did not have to have HOPE for the world. We KNEW now how – and why – the world
would be saved. By co-creating. By feeling in our hearts and communicating with the plants, helping them to
understand exactly why they were here and what their purpose was – which is what the perpetrators of genetic
engineering are trying to circumvent, and prevent.

We knew now that the world did not need “hope”, a far-off wish.

In our co-creation with Lemon Tree, our heart felt communication with her, she changed. She threw off
the cloak, the chains, of her genetic engineering, and she became again a “whole” plant. She indicated in
her scans she finally understood what her purpose was. She was changed! She was no longer confused. 
She knew what she was, and why. If SHE could do it, EVERY plant on
Earth can do it – with the heart-felt communication from Man!

We, Man, can co-create and we KNOW now that we can eliminate the dark forces plans, and we KNOW now
Anastasia’s dream world is already here. Lemon Tree, The KNOW Of The World. We don’t need HOPE, we KNOW we
will change the way things are going, by fulfilling Anastasia’s inspiration in us …
by co-creating our SPACE OF LOVE.

[Interjection here – Earth is evolving - some would call it ascending - and can only and will only do it with the Love in Man’s heart.
Plants, and our co-creation with them – our emotional love for them and opening our hearts to co-create them
– is what Earth needs to be able to be there. Please read The Sirian Revelations trilogy by Patricia Cori to
fully understand this, and to understand who the dark forces are and WHY they are trying to prevent Earth and
Man from ascending. The books are “Cosmos Of Soul”, (book 1); “Atlantis Rising”, (book 2); and “No More
Secrets No More Lies”, (book 3). Get them on )]

Ohio, where we were living when this took place, is a “hotbed” of what I would call an experiment. (At least
I thought it was at that time…. now days, signs of this experiment are everywhere in the world.) You could look up
on any given day and see crosshatches of chemtrails overhead, again and again, all day long. Poison in the skies, which
“they” now try to justify by saying the chemicals are to “reflect the dangerous sun’s rays back to prevent
global warming”. They had to perpetrate that global warming lie, and get people believing it, to create the
lie of the chemtrails being “for our own good”. They created the problem (global warming) to get a reaction
(people rallying around them and wanting them to do something about it) to present the solution which people
would willingly accept (oh, so the chemtrails are there to help us!) when in reality, the chemtrails are there to
kill the plants, (and people) along with GMO contamination, so we cannot co-create and ascend, and humanity
can be kept as a slave race. (Note: this is not to say we collectively don’t need to lower carbon
emissions, or to take care of our Earth. What we are saying is that we have been fooled into believing it is the
fault of some things of our personal doing, when it is actually not happening – the Earth is actually
scientifically proven to be cooling – and humanity is being told the “warming” is our fault when it is
actually a combination of the chemtrails and H.A.A.R.P. … which are causing the cooling, among other issues.
The lie of warming is being used as an excuse to create the dimming and reflective effects of the chemtrails
and ionization of the atmosphere by the H.A.A.R.P., which is really being used to kill the non-gmo plants…
and people.)

WELL … fooled them, didn’t we??? It took six weeks for Lemon Tree to become whole again, eliminating all
traces of GMO and pesticides, and chemtrail chemicals. ONLY WITH HEART FELT COMMUNICATION – EMOTIONS – is
this possible. Her scanned responses, her communication to us “in English” through the software from the
bio-energy scan’s program that we can understand, proves it was so.

Eventually, we all really should be able to feel what the plants are saying to us intuitively (like Ron did,
when he just knew Lemon Tree was crying and he raced in the house looking for her), but most of us are just
learning this now. Lemon Tree generously was willing to be the “guinea pig” and risk her life to teach us a
lesson. And what a lesson it was! WE ALL NEEDED IT! And for now, this technology was able to convey to us
what we might never have known. For those of us who do happen to notice that the world is seemingly going to
hell in a hand basket … there is the proof that we can stop it. And it’s in the way Anastasia told us her plan
would break us free across the dark forces window of time…. by co-creating.
(Anastasia, book 1, chapter 27; page 170 2nd edition)

Do not EVER be discouraged when you see the chemtrails in the sky. Simply send love to the pilots to allow
their humanity, their Man within them, to be exposed. In your mind you can break the spraying equipment.
And finally, you can create a thought form to protect your Space Of Love, knowing that your plants are
growing and working for you, drinking in the energy from the cosmos to benefit you, their co-creators…
and to benefit the Earth.

Your brothers and sisters who have read the Ringing Cedars may, or may not, have the knowledge you have
regarding the terrible acts being conducted at this point in time by the priests and puppeteers of the dark
forces. No matter. As long as they are continuing to build their Space Of Love, in their hearts and minds,
on paper, and in their lives, the love we all share has overcome and foiled the plans which still may have
visible signs at this time, but won’t for long.

Anastasia’s words and instructions to co-create and build our Space Of Love was a beautiful example of her
fast thinking. She saw into the future what would really allow the Earth to pass through the ascension (more
on 2012 and its true meaning in another update – meanwhile read The Sirian Revelations) and she inspired us
all to feel a connection with that dream, to make it into our own. Make her dream your dream – and act on
it, in whatever way you can. The action of communicating – of co-creating – with your plants is what will
save the world! THAT is how we stop the diabolical acts of those who perpetrate slavery against us. Break
out of the matrix chains which are cast around us, and use our hearts to communicate… to co-create. The
plants are willing to teach us how. They are willing and need to teach us now!
They need us just as we need them!

The complete story of Lemon Tree, and how Lemon inspired us to spread the knowledge of plants’ purpose to the
gmo Corn Field which was growing behind our home … the knowledge of what their purpose is, and how to “fix”
their genetic engineering … will be put into a book and available in the coming months.
(Her scans and responses in English will be included!)

[Other VG updates will also include information from David Icke, and from his new dvd titled “The Lion Sleeps
No More”, exposing the chains of the world’s current matrix and the puppeteer’s creation of
problem-reaction-solution to keep us enslaved. You guessed it… co-creation and Anastasia’s inspiration to
create our Space Of Love enables us to break free of that! ]

[For more information on how the word about why chemtrails are undesirable is being spread to others and to
those who are public officials, see or go to ]

[Please also see for a wonderful magazine featuring your Space Of Love!]

With much love to all,
With blessings and bright thoughts

Ron and Elaine

March 24, 2011

Full Circle ... The Realization Of What We Always Knew ... Anastasia's Dream World IS WHAT WILL SAVE US ALL

(If this is your first time to this website, see previous updates, starting from the bottom, to follow the thread of what is going on and how it all happened!)

It has been way too long since our last update. After having moved here from Ohio, to our calling here in South Dakota, it seemed as if we were being put through a tremendous “initiation” phase, and have not been able slow down to even begin sharing all that has been happening so quickly.

Finally, it seems now as if we are “allowed”, indeed, even “admonished”, that it is now time to share it all. Only problem, I won’t be able to thoroughly explain everything all at once. Which means, there will be some things in each update that may be a mental question mark to you … but all things will be explained as we go along.

This update tells a little bit about how far along we are in the dacha and domain, and a little bit about what we’ve been shown in the past year and are learning. Future updates, with so much more … of everything we’ve learned … will follow. The next updates will begin to get back on track with all the plans we’ve had for The Vedruss Guide. The next updates will not be so far apart!

For a quick recap, we sold everything we had and used any leftover cash (after paying off the debts for everything we had) to pay for things we wanted to keep but didn’t sell .. such as our car and truck. Ron worked in his job, and we just sat tight, patiently waiting in our little rented house while he worked at the “plant” and we saved what he made (aside from paying the high utility bills and rent!) to be able to move with. We had bought our little dacha house a year before, and were finally waiting till he got “laid off” to make the move. He finally got the word, and five days after he walked out of work, he made the first trip out here. We could have been waiting for years… but we were packed and ready to go, living out of boxes, when the word of “lay-off” came. While everyone else in the “plant” around him was glum, facing no income for their health insurance and no income for their credit card debt, Ron was ecstatic to be set free, and to be able to begin life again in the area we knew we were called to be. After he made two trips back and forth from Ohio to South Dakota for more of our “stuff”, I joined him on the last trip out. Our last update, in June of 2010, was in that timeframe.

Some friends remark how they are amazed we manifested our desires and dreams so quickly. There is no secret to it! It’s a matter of choice – how much are you willing to allow change into your life? And, how much are you willing to dream? Anastasia’s instruction to DRAW YOUR DOMAIN is a tool for enabling the human brain to envision something, the energetic first step to enabling the energies, indeed to enable co-creating with the energies, to bring something into manifestation. Or, into what we perceive now as physical reality.

We did that. We also took the next step, (see my previous post with the instructions in it) which was to actually write down our goals, and under each “goal”, put a list of things that had to be done to be able to get to the goal. And then, under each thing in each of those lists, write down steps and actions that would need to be done to accomplish each thing. Eventually, one takes actions and is able to cross things off the list and them works one’s way back to the GOAL! (Some of those things took years to accomplish … such as selling a business, selling a home, selling real estate holdings, paying off debts, etc. But it can be done!)

Writing that down is using the same “energetic technology” as drawing our domains uses. It puts thought into physical reality on paper, and carries it one step farther to manifestation. KEEP DRAWING YOUR DOMAIN if you haven’t finished it yet, keep writing your goals and listing what needs to be done to accomplish what you need to do to break out of this matrix to get to the domain and the domain way of life. (No, you don’t need to see “the lay of the land” to draw your domain! Draw it anyway! Make something up!  DREAM of the way you would want it, after all, you are creating it now. You can always re-draw it again later. The point is to start the energetics of creation.)

Anastasia thinks faster. She’s stated that in her books, and today I had a quick insight as to just how fast she thinks. I received a text message from Robert, my son, who was listening to Glenn Beck on the radio while he was at work. His text said, “he’s getting too close to telling the truth!” (For those not in the U.S., Glenn Beck is a radio talk show host, considered by some to be politically activist in nature.) This host, along with all the others

 "talking heads", are allowed to exist by the dark forces to be a “distraction”. A distraction from the real issues of the times, and that real issue is that the world’s energetics are being manipulated by the dark forces into a turmoil of negativity, which would keep the energetic frequencies of the Earth and her people in a low range. People feel a perceived power if they think they can vote and change the outcome of a larger plan. And these talking-head distractions are put there to give people an “outlet” to feel as if their own personal viewpoint, which aligns with either this or that talking-head, matters.

(Keep in mind, Anastasia once told Vladimir that there were many things she could not tell him because he wasn’t ready for it, yet. Are we, now?)

Suddenly, Glenn began speaking about a developing world conspiracy, with intentions to take over the world. And, he began encouraging people to do research about things that were current events, and about things that were going on. He admonished them to open their eyes and wake up! What? On public radio?? I texted my son back that I wondered how long “they” would allow him to stay “out there”, or if they would take him off-air (or worse) because they already felt he was getting too close to empowering humanity.

(This update was mostly written on Feb 28, 2011.  As of today, March 24, 2011, Glen Beck will be featuring a man on his radio show who will divulge the truth to the American public that the Federal Reserve, the monetary cartel, is actually a private corporation ran by corruption, and not a government department at all.)

Anastasia’s dream world of creating a Space Of Love and creating our domains was the result of her fast thinking, way ahead of the dark forces. While the dark forces currently control what may seem to be going on, by pulling puppet strings that control those in the corporations and governments, who then pass that down and control the people … Anastasia bypassed all that and instilled a WONDERFUL FEELING into the people who read her books, to keep them reading them, (her own love-intentioned “science of imagery” using numerology, the ancient “science” of gematria, and more), thereby instilling in them the dream of the new world which is on its cusp, and about to appear! She enabled humanity to ultimately envision the good results of love, rather than taking them through the – what used to be thought of as the “initiation phase” of ancient learning – and thereby set about thousands of people creating a world of love, to raise the Earth’s energies, to allow Earth and all her people to ascend into a higher way of being.

The dawn of the new world is on its cusp … brought about by planetary and galactic alignments, and how those alignments result in energetics and magnetisims which affect the people on the Earth. (No, this is not going to be an astrology lesson … these alignments and their effects on the electrical frequencies and magnetics on the Earth and all other planets and the whole universe is an astroNOMICAL fact, and followed closely by both mainstream scientists such as astronomers and physicists. ) This new world can either come about with the current matrix of slavery on it, or, thanks to Anastasia and YOU and everyone who is learning the truth and embracing love and light, the new world … full of domains and Spaces Of Love … can have a peaceful and happy future. The old way of life will disappear, and needs to. Anastasia’s Dream World is certainly a reality, and we are all a part of creating it, even now as we go though our “daily grind”, while in this current way of life plugged into the matrix.

When my son Robert texted me again, he said “The significance of kins domains hit me yesterday and how it relates to the “law of one”. [note: the “law of one” is an esoteric principal of the one-ness of all there is in the universe] I also realized why Anastasia doesn’t touch anything conspiracy related but focuses more on the inevitable awakening. Her idea is to hasten the change, to get everyone ready. Everything else is ultimately unimportant.”

In a nutshell, that is the way it is. As more people notice the controls which are being pressed upon humanity, and realize what it really going on, they will begin to “wake up” and question each bit of information that crosses their path. They’ll notice the distractions of tv, sports, and needing to spend one’s life working to pay the utility bills and the rent (or mortgage). Then they’ll notice the political puppets who offer a bit of implied justice; then they’ll notice the corporations like agricultural Monsanto overtaking genomes and claiming patent on both plants, and humanity’s DNA (when genetically engineered plants are eaten, and the dna of humans is changed, Monsanto, who already owns the dna patents of plants, can ultimately claim they own you too); when they finally realize the pharmaceutical companies are poised to control human life with health issues; when they finally realize the food and water of the entire planet is being manipulated; when they finally realized the power to control the weather and also the power to spray chemicals to prevent metabolism in plants is in the dark forces hands (it’s called H.A.A.R.P., and it’s in Alaska); when they finally realize plans to censor the internet and all of information are being instigated; when they finally realize the global elite have an agenda to eradicate billions of the world’s population to better control them (called Agenda 21); when they finally realize all of it … maybe as you are just realizing now … that’s when the fear will set in. That’s when our job begins!!!

If we think about these fearful things, and feel powerless, fear takes hold and multiplies. It is true that what you think about, you create. Yet, it is true that these things are happening around us, and people are noticing and becoming very fearful, thereby fostering the creation of these things. Anastasia, in her quick thinking, and resulting from her blessed thought, gave us the answer, and gave us a plan of action to circumvent the dark forces and their efforts. She gave us the vision to create the new world, a world of peace and safety and most of all love, before she gave us the knowledge of what we may be faced with when creating it.

So when others notice, now, and you hear about these things happening around you, know that you must stay on track and must not give up in creating your Space Of Love, in creating your domain. Don’t put it off! Draw it’s physical appearance as it comes from your mind, and then also draw (list) your plan of action on how to achieve it… list your goals, your steps you need to take, and the steps under the steps to get to the point where you can do something every day to get to the final ultimate end of all of what really matters … your Space Of Love … however you envision it and wherever you may desire it. The whole Earth must be covered with them, and will be. Anastasia had no question in her mind that her dream would become a reality, and would become the New Earth, the way it was meant to be. She was the perfect example of the potential of Man, and of what we can and will become. How does it happen?

The Earth and all the planets and stars are now going through a magnetics phase that is allowing humanity to “wake up”. Begin to co-create with the cosmos and hold those intentions in your minds, the thoughts of your Space of Love, and of your domains … then, take the action of drawing them. This is what will bring it about! YOU can bring it about if you don’t succomb to the fear of what is going on around you. You may not be noticing it… if not, keep doing what you are doing, all will work out in the end, anyway. But if you DO notice it, and if others who are around you notice it and comment about it, be prepared to tell them you know who wins in the end, and it isn’t the dark forces. It’s YOU, and THEM (your friends who you were talking with.)

In the next update we’ll tell you how, while going through a long, very cold winter ( -30 below) here on our little dacha, we were led to find enough prairie LAND and how now it is a miracle we own that land. We have plans to build a home, a barn, and keep sheep (heirloom icelandic and siberian sheep, very cold-hardy!). Meanwhile, we’ll be putting chickens in our back yard here on the dacha until we get the domain home built. We’ll share some good resources for living the Vedurss lifestyle, and will give you a synopsis of all the things we’ve been initiated to within this past year. We feel … because we were initially so drawn to be here, to sell everything, leave everything we knew, leave our family … we feel that we were meant to be here for a reason. It may only be that, for this past year our eyes and hearts were opened so much to what is going on around us, and only from this safe haven (well, as safe as things can be while still in this country) are we able to both continue to create our Space Of Love, and also share what we know.

The future updates will pull no punches. Things are going on around us which are NOT friendly. We – on this website and in this newsletter – won’t tiptoe around it because it is a “negative” thought.

Here’s an analogy: You are walking down the sidewalk and a brick falls down beside you, nearly putting you in a coma from hitting you in the head! You can do one of two things: You can not want to acknowledge a negative thing that just happened, and so you get up and go on your way, talking yourself into thinking only positive thoughts. (Good luck with that, by the way!) OR, you can pick up the brick, LOOK UP, SEE who threw it at you, and be aware of the rest of the bricks the person is throwing down at you so you can move out of the way, or at least if you INSIST on standing there, put on a hard hat. And then, you notice all the people on the sidewalk behind you, also wondering about why the bricks are coming down on them!

How do you serve humanity … by going on your merry way and ignoring how others around you may be questioning what is going on; or by acknowledging the brick thrower, and getting together with the other people on the sidewalk and all deciding to do something about it… build your domains!

We are not afraid of the things that may be coming upon us. The world is changing, Anastasia knew that, and she began to create the new world the way she wanted it … filled with love. This website and these updates are because we choose to serve those on the sidewalk who have looked up also and see the bricks coming down on them. WE need to collectively understand what is going on, and to encourage each other and others to also focus on what really matters … our Space Of Love and our domains. That’s how the world will change!



June 23, 2010

(If this is your first time to this website, see previous updates, starting from the bottom, to follow the thread of what is going on and how it all happened!)

Light and love to all the Vedruss! This update will be very short, and there will be a longer one to follow in a few days, with updates of other Vedruss, and photos of our dacha.  But for now, as we are working in our garden, with many things “brewing” in our minds, and wishing you were all here with us, we wanted to tell you about one important thing we’ve been thinking as we work every day to change our minds, our hearts, and our activities to exemplify the lifestyle of Man who loves the Earth and communicates with it.

 We are all in a state of transition … and the transition is the hardest part because we know what we should be doing, have found ourselves (when our eyes were finally open to it) as far from it as we can imagine, and we realize we can’t do it all at once.  Then it dawns on us, in this lifetime, we may never be able to fully make that complete transition. 

 That’s OKAY! The purpose – the joy – is in putting into action what we can, and beginning the journey home to our pristine origins.  That is the dream, the vision, Anastasia gave to us.  She gave us something to envision, something to work towards, for a purpose.  And she saw in the future that her dream, and our visions of our domains, would happen.  With the focused intention of all of us, it will.

 We’ve been reading another book which we’ll give a link to when we get our other site up and running.  (A little behind on that, been working on the garden and settleing into our new space, unpacking…) This book speaks of the same exact things as Anastasia does, and actually goes into a bit more detail of the history of Man, giving deeper information of the things she just “touched” on.  (She did tell Vladimir that there were many more things to know but he could not handle them at the time … we think these are some of them!)

A quote from this other book would explain why our collective visions of our domains – and Anastasia’s dream of the future world being covered with domains and settlements – is a reality. 

“…it is the focused intent of any thought or action that determines the outcome.  Such is the foundation of all manifestation and that is where you, the lightworkers of Gaia, would be best advised to put your energies.  In those landscapes – the fertile fields of your imagination – the mind’s lens creates the physical world in which you still reside and your focus determines how you move about within it.  United, the power of your focused thoughts and the love you bring forward through all actions, words, and expression can deflect the polar forces of darkenss and neutralize [their dark] intentions.”

 Anastasia told us stories of the energies of different forces (such as the forces of darkenss, and the forces of light), and the energies of the planets and cosmos, as well as told us stories of the beings from other worlds.  (Book 1, the UFO she helped fix; and book 4, the “mechanized” planet she brought Vladimir to witness through mind travel).  These words, quoted above, come from other helpers who are not Man but who explain the glory of Man as the ultimate creation, just as Anastasia speaks of.  When Anastasia told the story of the starseed running through the universe and then coming into the mother on earth to be born, she was acknowledging the glory of Man and the origins of human beings.  These words of wisdom (quoted above) reiterate what she has relayed to us as her dream, our vision of our domains and settlements. 

 Next update will speak more in depth of that vision, that purpose we have and share … that calling we feel to get back to what we know is important.  The communication with our Earth, our Cosmos, and our Plants.  And the importance of our commitment to following through with our dream and vision – Anastasia’s dream and vision.  Don’t lose heart, don’t lose sight of or track of the changes which are needed to break loose from the matrix of the world in your mind, exemplified by your actions.

 The next update will be much longer with more material and LOTS more news!  Updates from other Vedruss in other areas who are working as well to make changes in their lives, and more news about what is going on in our area of the northwest.  If you have news you would like to share, please send it in!   The new website, when we finally get it finished, will have different pages on it with different areas you can click to access the different areas … but until then, while we’re still too busy because we have to “make hay while the sun shines” (here in South Dakota, summer is very short!  It’s still feeling like spring here, the third day of summer) and get ourselves settled while we can.   But the next update will come out in a few days with much more news, a link to the books we told you about, a new planting calendar, a video to watch (instead of TV!) and more.

 Also, be watching for an announcement of a call-in conference with Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, the Russian editor of the Ringing Cedars series.  (He is not available now, but said he’d return in the late fall.) 

 Meanwhile, if anyone of you has Skype, please let us know!  We would love to have a once a month Vedruss meeting, even if only for 15 minutes or so.  You’ll need a computer camera and speakers, and then to connect to   It’s free, but the cam and speakers do cost, and it takes some work to get them hooked up correctly IF they are not already included inside your computer.  But it’s doable! 

 The “Slobber Garden” – Alexandra P. (currently of Florida) left me a message the other day I just had to share!  She excitedly told me about her “Slobber Garden”.  Confused, I asked her what that was.  “Well”, she repsonded, “when you have to keep all those seeds in your mouth for nine minutes, then in your hand, as you are digging in the dirt trying to plant them, it gets a little slobbery!”  I had a good laugh and assured her that she is not alone!

 Alexandra has asked that this announcement be included – “I'm looking to have conversation concerning the co-creation of a retreat center/entertainment venue/ metaphysical shop/sacred space...kinda place! I'm seriously considering moving... (Seasons would be nice for the organic garden)! Anyone with a property/empty building,barn,lodge, campground, etc...and a dream...let's kick some ideas around!! I've got everything else covered. Really! Bright Thoughts!! ~A~**” 

 Although I’ve tried to convince her to move up here to South Dakota and help us take over the town and create a Vedruss community, she wants seasons.  We have seasons!  Summer, Winter, Winter, and Winter!  J  More in the next update about THAT idea … meanwhile, if you want to contact Alexandra, write me an e-mail and I’ll forward it on to her and she can get back with you then.  (please put “for Alexandra” in the subject line so I know to send it on to her) … OR, just look for her on Facebook if you have access to that.  (Alexandra Prudente)

 Happy SOLSTICE!  (June 21st… a few days ago)  The Vedruss celebrated solstice, and it was not a “worship” service.  It was a joyous festival, glad for the long days to grow food, that the energy of the Sun – “Ra” – was sharing with them. 

 July 23rd is DACHNIK DAY!  (Also Vladimir Megre’s birthday.)  IF anyone dares and wants to travel to take a vacation to South Dakota, let us know.  We’ll all celebrate together.  (After all, here in Lemmon is the country’s largest Petrified Wood Park.  And, Mount Rushmore is only 3 ½ hours away in Rapid City.) No need to worry about snow… this happens to be summer, the one season that isn’t “winter”. 

 With light and love,

Ron and Elaine

June 2, 2010

(If this is your first time to this website, see previous updates, below, to follow the thread of what is going on and how it all happened!)

It's been almost three months since our last update.  We are finally HERE in our little "dacha", have our garden started, with our "stuff" partially in a storage shed, and partially in our new home.  We've downsized quite a bit - from 3000 sq. ft. to 630 sq. ft. - on purpose - and are learning lots of lessons not only about what do we really need? to why do we think we need it?  As we planted our seeds in the bare dirt of the garden space we had scratched out, the neighbor's little girl (about 4 years old) was overcome with joy, exclaiming "how BEAUTIFUL!"  It was encouraging to see a little one so aware of what life is supposed to be all about.  That is where we are all heading.  That is where we are all going.  Communicating with the Cosmos, the Earth, and the Creation.  Communicating through the heart with each other.

While we are by no means unpacked and settled in (putting in our garden was our first priority, and took us away from the mundane task of setting up our physical life!) we now plan to update this site and bring you briefs (of all that is going on and what is being learned by us as well as others) much more often ... about once every two to three weeks.  We have not completed the new website yet, but are working on that as well.  We'll keep posting the updates on this site, meanwhile, until the new one is done.

If anyone is familiar with the name of Dr. Leonid Sharashkin, you have indeed read the Ringing Cedars books cover to cover!  As the Editor from Russian to English, (working with Translator John Woodsworth),  Dr. Sharashkin has been instrumental in providing much of the understanding from the semi-ancient (and in my understanding, esoteric) language of Russian to our own stiff and expressionless version of speech, English.  (Russian has many more words available to describe different meanings of things, giving a clearer understanding of the symbolism that was intended.)   Before leaving Ohio, we had a few e-mail exchanges with Dr. Leo, inviting him to be a guest on the "Ask A Vedruss" section of this website, and set a tentative upcoming time (late fall) for him to interview with us.  We don't know if this will be available "live", yet, or just a transcribed interview, but we'll keep you posted.  Our first question to Leo was - What Is A Vedruss?   We know you will want to know his answer to this one!

This little town in the western plains was indeed calling us, and things just fell into place for us to get here, indicating we were going "with the flow" and not trying to work out things against our own design.  I've been watchful, and noticing ... there are some folks who simply want to SELL their house and get out of town as fast as they can.  Others, (and we've heard this from some of the various business people in town, as well as direct contact with some of these people), like us, simply don't know WHY they came here.  They felt "called".  And knew they had to do whatever it took to get here.  I would never have thought that until I made my first trip here ... we were going on a vacation to see my son who was in the Air Force at the time in Rapid City.  When I got here, I simply knew these plains were "home" and I had to get here and stay here.  It was hard to leave.  You may feel that way about where you are now.  Or you may know you want to be somewhere else.  But there is one thing we did know, and from two and a half years ago had to plan, in order to make this realization - this dream - come true.  We had to be out of debt.

Right up front, I will fast-forward and say something, because I know some of you may have come across it already, or will soon ... the issue of "sovereignty".  Sovereignty can be defined as different things to different people.  In this post I am talking about the actions people in the United States are going through to ensure they are working with the set "remedies" the government, or rather, powers that be, have created to be free of the classification of "public", in order to become "private".  This involves the correct timing and submissions of paperwork to allow mortgages to be released, debts to be nullified, and attainment of one's "value" (placed on one by the government at the time of one's birth, expressed by assignment of a monetary figure to one's birth certificate) to be used to acquire land (for a settlement, or domain), or whatever else one desires. 

Consider this:  currently, we all live a "priestly" way of life.  That's not a good thing.  I'm talking about the kind of priests in the Ringing Cedars books - the priests who design to control mankind.  Not that we are desiring to control mankind, but we are living a lifestyle that has been provided to us to live.  We think about food, and shelter, to start with.  Instead of spending all of our waking time drawing inspiration and knowledge from the Cosmos, and eating as we breathe, we spend all our time generating a buck so we can spend it to purchase all the things which were, initially, freely given to us. 

Our birthright is how Anastasia lives. Can we?  Do we want to? 

What do you want to spend your time doing?  You are what you do.  Don't fool yourself into thinking you are not plugged into this world's system.  Being free from this world's system is not about acquiring a man's piece of signatured paper telling you that you are "free", or, "sovereign", because your debts are imagined and you don't need to pay them.  Unless you are living as Anastasia does, you have your feet in both worlds.  So far, we all do.  As long as we are doing what we are doing, we are steeped in it.  This world's system is much more than legal pieces of paper telling you how much land you "own" (or don't own, unless you have the signature piece of paper), and much more than whether or not you really have to pay your "debts".

Even with the lofty and commendable idea of getting "off the grid", growing 100% of one's own food, trading our handmade products for others' products, using the birth certificate's value to acquire land for a domain, we must think about the inward attitudes and habits that got us - individually and collectively - where we are today.   Are we still unknowingly, perhaps deeply, succumbing to The Science Of Imagery?  Are we even aware of what that is?  Will we want more land?  More storage space?  More groceries? 

Some are thinking the acquiring of the "real remedy" (using their birth certificate's worth)  to this country's enslavement (being considered a "public" citizen instead of a "private" person) will allow them to be free of the debt they already have, prevent them from having more debt, while yet allowing them to have more money to purchase the land they want for their settlements or their individual domains.

This may indeed be a way to accomplish those things.  If you choose this, check your reasoning.  Are you fighting against the system?  The fight has already been won.  The "system" is the way it works - either the "free" (perceived) way or the "slave" way ... either way, it is still the system.  If you really want to get "sovereign", (free from this world's influences), put on a backpack and walk into the hills, leaving your debt, your things, and your old life behind.  No one will find you, and they won't want to!  Every time you turn on a light switch (be in on or off the grid), put gas in your car (or machinery to work in the settlement), or open your refrigerator (propane or otherwise), you ARE in the system and in the matrix.  You are NOT "sovereign"!

Money does not buy freedom, it buys more bondage.  The more you have, the deeper in bondage you can be.  This is NOT says money is "evil", but as the saying is, "the love of money" is the root of real slavery in this world.  And the Science of Imagery (the symbols of "more") is put in front of our faces and in our minds every day to ensure we don't lose that desire.

It is actually the main reason why we left Ohio, sold everything and moved to where we could afford a modest home to live in without a MORTgage.  We have come to know and understand and believe that any type of debt, whether it be mortgage or credit card, or whatever, is soul robbing, or controlling, is just plain wrong.

However, that being said, we realized that at the time we entered into our mortgage, (or whatever debt) it was something we entered into of our own free will, not under threat of death or coercion, but something that we took on at the time (even if in ignorance of what was being perpetrated against us) with joy and happiness.  We were very ignorant of what the truth was about the mortgage, at that time, but I realize that the enemies are not the people on the other side of the fence... such as the the CEOs who run the large corps, or even the politicians who pull the strings in Washington, or the rich who are "sovereign" (considered "private", and "not enslaved").  I realized there is a greater force controlling and conquering humanity using any means to control us, using debt to control us, as we succumb to our own lusts and desires for more and bigger material goals. 
In other words, at the time, we took on the debt willingly, in order to have what we wanted (the house, or whatever). Therefore morally we felt personally obligated within ourselves - to ourselves, not to "them" -  to pay it back according to whatever terms we agreed to, however wrong or deceiving they were on the other side didn't matter.  What mattered was on us, not them.  No one put a gun to our heads to ask for a mortgage.  We asked for it, willingly.  WE gave in to the Science of Imagery, WE allowed the "system" to create within us the thought that we needed the debt to achieve our desires.  That is why to get rid of it we were willing to sell all we had to eliminate their control over us.  The control they had was in our minds.  They no longer have that control in our minds, in that area.  We are sovereign in that way, and don't need their system's piece of signatured remedy paper to tell us so.

(While some may say they still have control, if we don't have the "remedy", showing us as truly "private" and "sovereign" with the system's authorized claim to a certain amount of land to call our own, be aware that can be seen as a matter of co-creation.  The Earth does not need a man's signature on a piece of paper to allow communication with it.  Earth and Plants communicate with people through their hearts, not pieces of paper.)

Choose your "battles" carefully.  Debt is something you allowed in your mind.  Resolving it through the birth certificate's value as a "remedy", to become a "private" person rather than "public citizen", is your personal brain candy, preventing you from seeing the real enslavement of your mind giving in to the Science of Imagery, giving in to the desire for your domain, your settlement, but not going about it through co-creation with the Cosmos and the Earth and Creation as a whole.  Resolving it through the system-supplied "remedy" promotes blame, instead of taking the responsibility that you asked for that debt. Now it is time to eliminate the debt, as well as change the way of thinking that allowed it.

How to solve problem?  No mortgage, no debt, no problem.  We learned the hard way that less is more, and nothing is everything.  We always suggest to all friends and family after everything we've been through that it is always best to get things with no strings attached.    The technocratic world is not a good place for people to operate.  That is why we sold all we had to sell, and we are in the middle of nowhere, where no one in their right mind would go!  We can afford to live here, without a mortgage.  And minds free to think about other things that really matter.  The more important things like spiritual growth, love of family, and closeness of community with people of like mind.

If you want to live in your domain, either in a settlement or not, or in a town full of others of like mind, (after all, the whole world will be take over by domains!), then take the steps to un-do what you did in the past that put you into slavery.  Begin to plan your domain, begin to plan your elimination of debt, and know what your desired end result is.  Then just DO the things which are in your power to do every day as each day comes upon you to get you to where you know your end result is, and you will find that miracles take place.  They are not really "miracles", they are co-creation happening!  When you are on the path in alignment with your end result desires, you will find that the Earth helps you, the Cosmos helps you, the Plants help you, the Weather helps you, the Planets and Moon help you, the Stars and Sun help ... the energies of ALL of Creation helps you!  Because you are Man, and your Sovereignty is your freedom in your mind from the bondage of the Science of Imagery.  Your Sovereignty is your knowledge of the truth, and your action on it.  ALL Creation will co-create with you at that point to help you get to where you want to be.  It is YOUR desire that They will co-create with you, YOUR will is their desire.   In your TRUE freedom of knowledge and action, ALL will co-create with you.  The Forces of Light will, at your (sometimes subconscious) instruction, go before you and clear the way for coincidences (which is really your co-creation with All That Is).  One does not need to be at war with something, to be defiant of a system to be free of it.

Choose.  The human "remedy",  or co-creation ... exercising the beginning of your "birthright" as Man. 


March 18, 2010

In the books Anastasia urges us to "clean up where we are" and not to suddenly drop everything to move to the forest!

Why?  Our successful transition to a Ringing Cedars lifestyle - a simpler and saner way of life - can only be done in steps.  Our lives are so entwined with the matrix of this world that we may not be able to change some things all in our generation ...  but it is up to us to begin the change, and teach it to our children.  And indeed, the energies of mother Earth may just help along the way.  (Current global weather conditions, and the resulting earth movements such as earthquakes, floods, volcanoes, tsunamis, etc. reflect the Earth "groaning" to be rid of the corruption on it.) If we were to take our current habits and lifestyle to a pristine forest, what would we do to the forest?  Who would come to collect our multiple bags of garbage resulting from the processed and pre-packaged items we use?  Where would our toxic chemical cleaning products we use every day on our bodies and in our homes drain into?  How would we obtain from the grocery store  the genetically modified food we eat that we either can't or don't know how to grow?  What would happen to our pristine environment if we drive our car to get to the grocery store?  How would we pay for the gas in the car, and where would we get it?  What about the job needed to pay for all the debt we have previously racked up in our lives: the mortgage, the credit cards, the college education fees, all of it? And what about the lifestyle habits we have (which may in effect be the cause of all this) of still always wanting and accumulating more and more STUFF?  What about a lifestyle habit of continually spending and spending, unwittingly exchanging our own personal energy for inconsequential "things"? This is especially true if we use credit cards or take on a debt for the spending, promising away our future energy in exchange for something which we'll soon throw away or will deteriorate?

Well, we've got to start somewhere. For us, it was perhaps more than some others can do at this time in their lives, or perhaps more than they'd ever want to do, ever.  But for us, we felt the need to just do it.  So we did!  We owned a home (well, the bank did), two businesses (at the same time, one an office supplies store with printer, fax, and copier repair and sales; the other an organic grocery store), a building to put them both in, and all the trappings that go with a modern lifestyle, including the debt.  The debt to carry and service all of this ... in our economically depressed state of Ohio and our particularly economically depressed county ... was a little over a half of a million dollars.  Not much by standards across the country, but considering the equally economically depressed potential for income in our state, it was unbearable.  Both energetically, and realistically. 

We simply decided it was time to let go of it all.  If we were going to make a change, the timing was right for us.  Kids grown, out on their own, and the way free and clear to make mistakes, learn the "ropes", pave the way, and then pass on what we've learned to others who want and need to know, without having to go through the same "learning curve".  It is an adventure for us, one we feel not only is our personal pleasure, but our purpose, to first pioneer the way, then relay the information to all who desire to follow.  With our background and seasoned knowledge in the public lifestyle of our experience, we feel positively equipped to take the plunge and pave the way.  With our past experiences in other areas of life we understand we have been through it all - tests and traumas - and have a unique view of what may seem like obstacles to others.  We also know all these things were meant to be, to prepare us for the new way of life on this New Planet Earth which is unfolding every day around us.  This website, and these updates are about all of that.

March 18th, 2010

A bit of history:  it wasn't easy to untangle ourselves from all we had.  First, we had to sell the office supplies business, and that took one full year of negotiations, then six months of "transition" where we were obligated to continue there.  We didn't make any money on that sale, but got out of the debt the business owed to our vendors and bankers by the "skin of our teeth", ending up owing nothing to anyone.  Ah - we made enough to pay off one car, but no extra.  That's when we got the first book, "Anastasia", given to us by a friend.  We had no plans to go further ... until we read the books!

We resonated with the words and principals so much, it felt like something we had always known, just didn't allow ourselves to take hold of.  "Yeah!  I've always thought that way!  Finally someone else writes about it and now I don't feel so crazy ... I see that everyone else is!"   Well, not really, but the way the world is going, it sure seems that way.

 Then, we had to close the grocery store, and pay off its bills.  Again, we made no real money, just enough to pay off the second car.  Whew!  Got rid of that debt.  Next, with no businesses sitting in an empty building - uh oh!  How will we pay the mortgage for that?  In our town, businesses are closing left and right, all around us.  No one would want to rent it.  Besides ... we don't want the trappings of being responsible, of being the "landlord" any more.  We just want to go plant our garden!!!

At this point we had our plans firmed up that we were going to move out west.  We knew where we were going. (That is another story of synchronicity which we will relate at another time to encourage you that yes, when you are meant to be somewhere doing something because you choose it and it aligns with the higher energies of a Ringing Cedars lifestyle, when you create it, it all falls into place, quickly.)  All that was left was to eliminate the remaining things which were holding us back.  We realized it took us years to create the mess we were in, literally years to entangle ourselves in the web of this matrix around us.  It would take time to unwind, as well.  But form follows thought, and we simply kept thinking and feeling in our minds what it felt like to be free from it all, what it felt like to have no issues except planting our gardens.  To actually accomplish that physically, we had to sell our building, then sell our home.  (We already had, at this point, another home to move to in the west, already paid for.  That story later!) We made the choice to go for it, and within one month, (in this depressed market, especially here in Ohio), we sold them both within one month of each other.  More amazingly, we sold the home the very first day we had prospective buyers come in to  view it.  In fact, there was almost a bidding war ... I say almost because the realtor told us another person wanted to come back for a second viewing to put an offer in (they thought they had lots of time, houses are usually on the market here in Ohio for 6 months or more), but we accepted the very first offer which had just come in.  No, we didn't make any extra money, but what we got paid off the loan and paid the realtors commission.  And, more importantly, we were free to move on.

Ron was still working at the local factory.  With the economic downturn in our area, after we sold the office supplies business, I ran the grocery store (which paid the employees and gave good deals to customers, but still didn't make us any extra money!) and he went to work at the local plant.  Rumors of lay-offs were plenty, but that didn't bother us.  We had no debts.  While the plant was working overtime and seven days a week, he figured he'd work all that was available to be able to "money up" so that when the lay-off came, we'd be able to go out west with at least a few bucks to pay for the move and to get us started.  And, to finally be able to plant our garden!  We rented a house in the same town we'd lived and Ron worked in Ohio after we sold our family home, and just worked and waited.  And waited.  And waited.

Plans must be made, because getting unwound doesn't just happen.  To live the kind of lifestyle Anastasia encourages, think about it, and formulate your plans.  If you've read up to book 8.1,  you've read the story of how the priest Demon Cratious made plans for his "stone carriers", to keep them enslaved.  That is the kind of contemplation Anastasia and grandfather urge us to have.  Figure out how you will change what you have to enable you to be what you want to be and do what you want to do.  Then make the plans to make the changes happen, and realize it may take some time, but it won 't happen if you don't start.  (Notice we didn't say "and to move from where you are".  More about that at another time!)  Everyone wants to live in a settlement!  Well maybe not every reader, but every reader certainly wants their own domain!  How will you get it?  How will you be able to work on it if you are still bogged down by debt, and have the responsibilities of needed to spend your time and energy to service that debt to service your entanglements?  Will your attitudes have changed if you suddenly came into billions of dollars so that you didn't have debt?  How would your life then reflect the Ringing Cedars lifestyle which Anastasia herself exemplified and which the stories of the settlement dwellers portrayed?  Indeed Demon Cratious has certainly created for himself a profitable matrix of enslaved stone carriers who do his bidding ... but we didn't know.  Now we do!  Anastasia has given us the vision and the knowledge of how we will be able to be free to live the life we were meant to, again. 

Yes, "the system" is out there.  Its got its hold on us and its claws dug so deep into us that we don't even know how far it goes.  But also "out there" is the circle of co-creation, the circle that exists between Man, the Cosmos, and the Earth.  WE are Vedruss! WE are co-creators! We are indeed the ones we've been waiting for... the ones the whole Earth has been waiting for ... the ones this country has been waiting for.   The dark forces are nothing more than the negative thoughts of all who are collectively here.  The key to change is to not give the dark forces any energy - from either our thoughts or attitudes.  And we manifest that with our plans and actions - first, as Anastasia said, draw your domain.  It is the end result you want, so put it on paper as the beginning.  No excuses.  Sure it may change when you eventually obtain and see the actual lay of your land.  So what!  The key is the energy of doing it - of the plans you will create. 

Next, after you draw your domain, (your goal), make a list of things in your life that are keeping you from, at this exact moment, living on that domain.  These might be considered problems which need overcoming and dealing with to enable you to reach the goal of living on your domain. Seriously.  Yes, it's a tough list to make.  See how entwined and entangled we are?  It's all got to change!  (Never put people whom you are responsible for on that list ... simply make plans to take them with you.)  After you make that list, make another list under each item of what would need to be done to eliminate that problem.  For instance, our list showed "businesses".  So, under that, we listed "sell them or close them".  So we did both.  Our list showed "mortgage on house".  (After all, if you are going out to a job every day to pay for the debts you owe, how can you also be on your domain co-creating with the plants?)  Our list showed "pay it off".  The key was to eliminate that debt, in the fastest way we could. 

Next under that list, for each item on it, write down your idea of options of how you may be able to accomplish your goal.  Under our "mortgage on house" list which showed "pay it off", we listed a few different options, but we chose to begin with "sell the house", because we felt it would be the fastest way to eliminate that distraction and drain on our energy, without giving us any more drain on our energy, which would then allow us the time wanted and needed to co-create and simply plant our garden.  After all, that is what this is all about!   (There are other ways to eliminate debt - those ways involving more thought and time than we wanted to exert on focusing away from our garden right now.  More about different ways, for some who may feel they have no other option and may indeed need this option, in other update additions.) 

Last, after we chose the preferred methods of eliminating each "problem" we saw between us and our domain, we simply continued to take the actions which would enable us to move forward.  For instance, for item "mortgage on house", which showed "pay it off", which led to "sell the house", we simply took the steps needed to first get the house in sellable shape then listed it with a realtor.  Yes, we know we could have done it ourselves, but we also took into consideration the time it would take and the inconvenience of showing it, marketing it, etc.  So we chose the fastest way to accomplish it, and built that into our plan.  The first day we showed it, it was sold! (Our realtor had drummed up market interest by making calls to his associates and peers to get the word spread our home was going on the market on a specific date with a "no haggle" but great-deal price, which was just enough for us to make a quick sale and get all the debts paid.   Our thoughts and energies had been planning this for a while, and while we had been busy taking action to prepare the house and prepare our next step in our minds, the Universe had been busy bringing into play all the necessary "co-incidences" and steps to bring the seller (us) and the buyers together at the perfect time so that we could move on with our next step in our plans to get our domain.

Today, I am packing up boxes of things in my home office.  We will finally be taking another step in our plans towards our domain - our move to our "dacha".  We knew the west is where we were personally being "called" to by the land itself (that is another story for a later date), but we don't have an exact domain location in mind.  We just know we have to go.  The story of how we found our little (and I do mean LITTLE) home out there is an amazing one, (the home we will live in while making the transition from this current life to our full domain life), the story of how we paid for it is also an amazing one, and I can't wait to share the stories with all of you.  Best of all I know that the synchronicities we experienced (and still experience) are just a part of the co-creation we ALL - as Man - as Vedruss - will be experiencing in the days to come as we each make our own plans to attain the joy of our goal of finally having and living on our domain.

We will be leaving (after three trips with UHauls full of STUFF!, cats, dog, and plants) our Ohio town, finally, by the first week in April.  We plan to have our internet connection up and running by the middle of April, if not before.  The next update will come out by then (if not before), and by the end of April (or very beginning of May the latest) we will be unveiling the NEW Vedurss Guide website!  We have been firming up many of the plans for it, and in between packing and making trips out west (and we thought we got rid of a lot of STUFF!) be assured that, if you don't hear from us, our plans have not changed.  Though this website may be silent until then, we are busily working on the new ideas and plans that just seem to come inspirationally, to no end!  We have already formulated plans for and began the work on a beautiful, encouraging and much needed source for all Vedruss in northern America, and in the United States in particular, a new print magazine.  (Not everyone likes to sit in front of an electronic screen glaring at them with a grinding computer CPU noise in the background - some like to sit back by a crackling fire on a cool evening with a hot cup of tea or sit out in their yard with the birds singing and enjoy the peacefulness of a quiet read.)  This will be slightly different from the website Vedruss Guide, with some elements carrying over from one to the other.  We'll be putting more info about each of them out soon.

These are indeed "tumultous times", things are changing so quickly, and things will begin to change at an even faster pace as the next two years ensue.   Welcome the changes, welcome the "groans", as mother Earth is our friend, and the Cosmos and Universe is our ally as we plan to bring Anastasia's Dream to fruition, starting with our own little patch of dirt!  The energy of Spring is here!  Plant a seed and grow something, even one pot of flowers or a tomato.  Talk to your little plant ... the secrets you will learn will unfold before you like a bird spreading its wings learning to fly.   Then when they bloom, smell your flower, and eat the fruit of your vegetable plant ... they carry with them the offerings of knowledge to get you to where you really want to be. 

Bright thoughts for everyone,

Elaine and Ron   

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